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postheadericon Boomers Settle for Assisted Residing Communities? Not likely

Plainly these days you can find an additional assisted living neighborhood¬†¬† becoming constructed on almost just about every vacant good deal in city. What does this imply towards the long term? For the speedy long run, it truly is great. We Boomers who have no time, no drive, no phone to welcome our elder moms and dads into our possess households have someplace to place Mother and/or Father since they require far more and much more guidance. But behind our minds, usually are not we really considering, “Gee, Mom and pa will adore it below. It’s all the features they might request. But there isn’t any way in h&%# I’m ever intending to live in this article!”

Now be honest. Isn’t that exactly what you’re imagining right now? Boomers absolutely do not acknowledge the idea of assisted residing, and from recent studies, it would appear that some form of communal residing is making its way back on the forefront. Be it condo, townhouse, duplex, or even a single family home in an adults-only neighborhood, isn’t this where we’re headed?

Way again when (within the 50s and 60s), communes were where the many hippies headed. This type of housing didn’t die, it simply grew up to be co-housing – a new type of participatory group that is attracting Boomers since they enter their 60s. Cohousing units are individually owned (like condos). But residents of these eco-friendly communities share communal resources and facilities, all of which helps them be energy efficient.

In 2003, there were 60 such communities across the U.S. By 2008, there were at least 100, with 300 much more in development (Columbia News Service, 5/11/08). These properties range from the Songia Co-housing Community’s 11 acre site outside Seattle to the two-block Eco-Village apartments in Los Angeles (source: Iconoculture, 8/12/08).

What’s ahead?

Assisted living communities, beware! The current senior housing model – from home to assisted living to nursing home – won’t cut it for many Boomers. They’ve had a sneak peek while helping their dad and mom, and want no part of it. Co-housing lets them rewrite the longer term by coming full circle with their youthful ideals. And, isn’t that what all Boomers strive for – forever young?

Boomers are becoming as eco-friendly as Gen Y and the Millennials. No longer a luxury, building green is rapidly becoming necessary, and sustainable housing is the new wave.

But that isn’t the only reason Boomers are rejecting the current assisted living model. We are much too independent to ever settle for a regimen of bingo on Monday, dry meatloaf every single Wednesday night, and sing-alongs on Sunday afternoon. We never were a group of one mind and I doubt if we ever will be. We see ourselves as individuals, not as part of the herd. Therefore, residing in a setting of regimented routine will never be our style.

The solution

My personal opinion is that those who are attempting to determine “what to do with all those Boomers,” need to step back and reassess their ideas. Boomers want options, Boomers want choices, Boomers want to make life-style decisions based not only on their financial health, but on their mental and physical health as well. When the time comes that we are no longer able to maintain our independent freedom, our help may come in many sizes, shapes and styles. They may be co-housing, a small adult community that sets aside one home to be paid for by community residents and “loaned” to a caregiver couple. It could be several single elder Boomers choosing to reside together under one roof – all with their possess private space, but with communal areas to counteract isolation.

There are many methods of solving that driving question of, “What do we do with them?” Some currently exist, but leave it up to a Boomer to devise new methods of solving the problem – those methods remaining desirable and convenient for them.